About Brye's Bunnies
Brye works very hard to keep and raise happy and healthy animals.  We are a registered with ARBA and show our bunnies at local events, including the Berrien County Youth Fair.

Brye makes sure her bunnies are held and socialized as much as possibe from little on.  The rabbits she breeds are also her pets and each has a turn to play outside as much as possible.

Brye strives to insure our bunnies leave healthy and happy.  She feeds the best bunny food available as well as timothy hay and fresh fruits and veggies from our bunny garden. 

Brye's main focus is on breeding her Lionhead bunnies.  They do require a little grooming since they are fluffy. This breed is very sweet and loves to be cuddled.  They range from 1 1/2 - 4 lbs.
           NALRC - The North American Lionhead Rabbit club

Brye does not currently ship her bunnies, but we will try to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery if at all possible.


Health:  All of our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. Bunnies will not be sold (even with a deposit) if there are signs 
illness.  The bunny will be treated and then will be ready to be picked up. We will not sell any rabbit showing outward signs of infection, sore hocks, snuffles or any other visible illness. We handle our rabbits on a daily basis. As such all of our rabbits have good temperament. We will not sell any animal that shows signs of  aggression or biting

The sex of your rabbit is not guaranteed.

Your Bunny Comes With... All pet bunnies sold by Brye's Funny Bunnies will include a starter bag of food.  If your bunny is listed as pedigree it will come with a pedigree certificate.

We require at least non-refundable $50 deposit on any rabbit you desire to purchase.  If you change your mind and chose another bunny in the         meantime we can switch that deposit to the other bunny without penalty. Refunds will not be given.  Bunnies can be held on your behalf for a maximum of 2 weeks after weaning. The balance will be due at the time of pickup in either cash or credit card.

After a deposit or payment is received it is non refundable for any other reason.

"My sunshine does not come from the sky, it comes from my bunnies eyes"